Looking for inspiration

Where does one go when looking for inspiration or instruction?
My attempt to host a memorable party has led me to new worlds. Worlds that have begged me to explore them. Worlds that have had me immersed in their wonders for hours and hours… The party hasn’t even started yet but I’m having a blast!
My partner has said “don’t go to too much trouble”. Meh! What does he know? He’s obviously never searched “vintage garden party” or “mad hatter decorations” in Pinterest before. So many ideas, so many creative people and only ONE party to plan for.
But it doesn’t stop there. My creative juices are flowing. Everywhere I look I see things that can be improved. Like the four shelf wooden storage unit I never use… A YouTube video instructed me how to alter and restore it. Armed with a measuring tape, pencil, electric saw and a pot of stain/varnish, the once hideously ugly unit has been transformed into two handy tables that will be used at the party.
I think I may be addicted…


Twitter knows all!

It was such a beautiful Sunday, and even better because it was my birthday I got to pick the activity for the day… Bondi to Bronte cliff walk. My partner grumbled and groaned, but my persistence won out (coupled with the fact that my pressie hadn’t arrived yet = emotional blackmail) and we FINALLY made it to the car.

An hour later we were still in the car and judging by the traffic, everyone was making their way to the iconic beach. Universe, why must you prove my boyfriend right? WHY?

After a bit of a “discussion” it all went quiet in the car, and for some entertainment I thought I would check out Twitter. I typed “Bondi” into the search field and my heart sank… There was a rumour… A big rumour… A big personality wanting to get her toes wet… Ellen!!!

So there we have it, Twitter has become a part of my everyday life!

The ever changing world…

So, I’ve just discovered that I don’t actually own the music I’ve downloaded on my iPod, or even the e-books I’ve bought – it’s more of a renting situation… But at last people are starting to think about this issue, and soon you may be able resell your digital media. How will this affect libraries? Read more here

Dear Facebook

I’m sorry Facebook, I’ve met someone else, you know him – it’s Twitter.

Even though I have loved our time together, you weren’t meeting all of my needs. Lets be honest, there’s only so many times looking at someone’s dinner can even be slightly interesting, and ‘selfies’ have never really been my thing. But I will give you this, you’ve kept me up to date with all of the happenings of my friends and family (without the hassle of actually talking to them) and for that I will be eternally grateful. And you’ve made stalking people very easy, but Twitter is so fresh, so simple – whatever I need him to be, and if I need more, he’s willing to provide. My personal ‘choose your own adventure’, and if I don’t feel like talking, that’s fine, he continues to inform and entertain.

Once again I’m very sorry Facebook, I hope we can be friends (I’ve sent you a request) xxx

Learning something new each day…

Well here goes… My first blog. I must say, this new journey I’ve embarked on is definitely a surprise. About a year ago I was happily working away in my career and then BAM, everything changed. I’d stopped learning, I wasn’t able to progress any further and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head “I want to work in a library!”.
So here I am. Discovering things that really interest me. Loving every minute and learning something new each day.


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